Today we will continue with the material series! Before we introduced bamboo and walnut and this time it’s time to tell the story of zebrawood!

This is a story of a young man, who, had he lived today, would have been a Pöllöt eyewear user for sure. Sadly, he lived in the late 18th century. He also happened to live in England, which was not ideal as he had always been interested in countries that were warm, countries that had deserts, rainforests, savannahs. He loved zebras, and as far as he knew, zebras lived in those countries. The closest he got to these foreign places was his job at the docks. His days were filled with loading and unloading cargo from exotic places and his nights getting drunk and sitting at the deck imagining he was the one sailing the ship to country filled with zebras. In reality, the ship never sailed anywhere and at some point he was always told to go cry somewhere else.

One day, his luck changed. The captain of one of the ships announced that they would be sailing to a far away country called South America and as our young man so enjoyed spending time on the deck, they’d be making him the head deck scrubber for the duration of the trip. It didn’t even matter that the place they were going to was called Mosquito Coast, he was too excited. There had to be some zebras there!

The sea journey was not great. The seafaring was awful and there was a lot of sick he had to scrub off the deck. Only the idea of horse-shaped stripy animals kept him going and finally, after many gruesome months, they saw land on the horizon. He was so excited and as soon as they hit the shore, he climbed off the ship and took a look around.

There were no zebras. None whatsoever.

There were mosquitoes though and soon everyone on the ship was covered in mosquito bites. Because of this they decided to head back to England, where there were no mosquitoes. They filled the ship with foreign spices and goods and got ready to set the sail. With a sad, final, look the young man gazed at the shore one more time, and then he saw it. Something stripy behind the trees. A zebra! He ran off the ship towards the thing he most longed to see.

But no. It was no zebra.

Pöllöt Athene Zebrawood

It was just a piece of light wood with black stripes. At first he thought about tossing it back on the ground but then thought better of it and took it with him as a souvenir. He guessed it was better than nothing. But once the captain saw what the young man had with him, the captain took a liking to the material and ordered several samples to be taken with them back to England.
“Well, you found it, what do you wish to call it?” asked the captain pointing to the piece of wood our main character was still holding.
The young man looked at the stripes and with no hesitance answered him,

“I shall call it…Zebrawood.”

This concludes the story of how zebrawood came to be. Lucky for you, there’s no need to travel to a place filled with mosquitoes to get your hands on some stripy zebrawood, just a couple of clicks is all it takes! Spare yourself the nasty bites and check out Pöllöt models Athene and Tytonidae (currently out of stock) today!

Pöllöt Tytonidae

We hope you enjoyed this little story!

– Pöllöt Team

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