We will continue introducing the materials we use in Pöllöt eyewear – today you will get familiar with walnut! Walnut is a hard, dense, tight-grained wood material that polishes to a very smooth finish. The color may vary from very light colors to really dark ones. Pöllöt wants to have the natural look on our walnut eyewear so we decided to go with the luxurious rich brown color. Walnut is fairly pricey as a material and because of its hardness it’s commonly used for guns and furniture. Besides timber walnut trees produce eatable nuts filled with good nutrients.

Walnut is the material of Pöllöt Scotopelia sunglasses and besides being an awesome material for eyewear, walnut actually has many qualities that help you survive the winter. Hopefully you are spending your winter somewhere with plenty of sun, but if you are stuck in the gloomy atmosphere, where there’s not even any snow to lighten up the days (basically Finland…), you’ll definitely need some pick-me-ups to keep you going!

Scotopelia Walnut

Just thinking about the journey the small nut has made to your diet should bring warmth to your day as walnuts originated from the Mediterranean region and Central Asia. Nowadays most of the walnuts come from California, which would, admittedly, be a pretty amazing place to spend the winter time. Lounging about a walnut farm wearing your walnut Pöllöt eyewear sounds good right about now.

Let’s face it, you envy those animals hibernating through the winter. You dream of building a nest of blankets and staying in your bed at least for November. Now you can make your dream of being a small furry animal stacked up with nuts true! Walnut contains melatonin, which induces sleep, so all you need in addition to the right snacks is a comfy bed and you’re all set! Just note that your Pöllöt eyewear isn’t suitable sustenance even though they’re pretty yummy. Sadly they look better on your head than in your tummy.

Dem nuts

Not all winters are as comfy as the one we just imagined. Walnuts date back to 10 000 BC. Now take a moment to think about the world at that time and more importantly, spending winter without central heating and electricity altogether. Times were tough. And even the beneficial omega 3-fatty acids, which walnuts contain, wouldn’t have been able to help you survive. Picture the struggle to find weather appropriate clothing, especially if you happened to be a vegetarian. Bye bye furs, welcome grass dresses. Just imagine the draft.

Spending winter in a dark region can be very damaging to your health, mostly because of the alcohol you consume to get through it all. But worry not! Walnuts actually contain a huge amount of antioxidants, most of which are too complicated to name, but most importantly ones that prevent liver-damage. In addition to helping to save your liver, walnuts’ antioxidants fight off free radicals responsible for ageing. Think about the possibilities! You’ll be ready to face the summer, your body ready for new adventures all thanks to walnut! What better way to pay tribute to this miracle worker than by wearing some walnut shades made by Pöllöt!

Scotopelia Walnut

We hope you enjoy your Pöllöt eyewear – whatever the material is!

With love,
Pöllöt team

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