The New Era of Pöllöt

The Summer of -16

So far this year has been awesome! We went around Finland and visited 8 different music festivals with Baja Clothing, Capstore and Kilroy during this summer. We were happy to notice that there are so many people who love Pöllöt sunglasses. We started from the Himos Juhannus mid-summer festival, then we went to Provinssi, Summer Up, Ilosaari, Tammerfest, Qstock, JurassicRock, Blockfest and Skålfest. It was a very busy and tough summer but it was totally worth it! We got so many happy (and a few who were a bit drunk) new members to our flock! Hopefully next year we can go to at least as many festival as this year!

The New Era of Pöllöt

As many of you know, all the people behind Pöllöt are still students and after the summer we all had to go back to studying. That’s when I looked at our website and i thought “This is awful, let’s build a new site”. After 3 weeks of working on the new website, it is ready to rock! We also have new products coming out and we think you are going to love them! BUT not to worry, our core products will still be sunglasses and other eyewear. We are also going to get new retailers from different cities and places, where we don’t have them yet. We know that our blog isn’t great at the moment, but just wait a few weeks and you might be surprised with it. There are a lot of new and interesting things coming.

Besides the things we have already mentioned earlier in this post, we have some other great surprises coming up as well during the autumn or winter. We have talked about these surprises with our customers at the festivals for a bit this summer so some of you already know what we are talking about. This BIG THING that is coming up is going to revolutionize everything we do.

New Things On The Website

Our new website just looks so much better than the old one, doesn’t it!?

We have new shipping deals with PostNord so now we can ship our products easily all over the world.

We have the new Pöllöt HOODIES and other new products are coming out later this autumn, but lets talk about them later.

We have our new Medical Center at Vallilan Optikko. If you have a problem with your glasses (for example you have sat on your glasses or they have broken some other way) you can contact our Master Optician Harry, who owns the shop. We also have the Pöllöt Showroom at Vallilan Optikko. There are always over 40 models of sunglasses and eyewear that you can try on. You can’t find all of our models from the website so you might find something very cool and unique for yourself from Vallilan Optikko.

We have a new nest for Pöllöt glasses. The nest of Pöllöt is made of cork. The material comes from Portugal and Spain. The nest comes with every order and you can order it also on its own from the shop.

We have added “My Account” and “Wishlist” features to our website. In “My Account” page you will see your orders and you can change your information. You can also add products to your “Wishlist” so you can find them later. We are adding all kinds of new features to the website.

We are also working on new things that will help you decide which models fit you the best if you want to order your Pöllöt online.

New Model For Autum 2016

Many of you have emailed us and asked about one particular model. That model has been in our collection a couple of times but it has always been sold out unbelievably fast. But now, this autum we have got a few pieces of the model that everybody has been asking about for years! After our hoodies pre-order is done, we are going to launch the models that you have been asking for!! But i haven’t taken the pictures yet so we can’t tell you what model it is! You will just have to wait and see!

Thank you for the summer of 2016 and now we just wait for the winter!

-Olavi The Owl

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