Story of Pöllöt

The Story of Pöllöt Wooden Eyewear

We are here to tell you about us, how everything started! So far Pöllöt has only been functioning in Finland in Finnish but now we’re looking at taking over the world, so its only natural that all of our blogposts, website and everything else will be in English.


Our First Reseller in Finland, October 2013

Pöllöt is a company founded by two entrepeneur minded, fun and not-so-handsome students in Helsinki in 2013. The boys study marketing and business within the forestry department in the University of Helsinki. One day they started to think about what people in Finland are lacking and what could be made out of wood, which is so close to our nordic hearts.


Our Pre-Sell Campaign Pictures in 2013 – Atte


Our Pre-Sell Campaign Pictures in 2013 – Konsta

They started Christmas Tree -service in Helsinki region year 2012, which is called, “”. Their slogan was “We bring the Christmas for you!” After that boys were thinking what business they should do in summer. The Christmas Tree -service is still running and we have alot of happy customers every year.


Our Xmas Trees Growing in Raasepori, Finland


Our Customers Xmas Tree 2013


Our Customers Xmas Tree 2014

They soon came to the conclusion that there aren’t yet sunglasses made out of wood in Finland, so there they had their product. They wanted the brand to be easily approachable by all kinds of different groups in early adulthood and teens. For snowboarders, skateboarders, artsy people, musicians, surfers and other active young people this would be the must have product. Our glasses are for everyone who want to stand out and aren’t afraid to make a statement.

The name “Pöllöt” came to be while the boys hung out one evening consuming a glass of Jallu (a Finnish brand of really, really bad brandy, but that everyone love) or two or more.

Pöllöt means The Owls in Finnish which is a suitable name for sunglasses made out of wood, since owls have big eyes, live in the forest and look a bit funny, exactly like our Pöllöt glasses. All of our different models are then named after different owls species and their original latin name. To name a few we’ve got Xenoglaux, Bubo, Nesasio and Megascope. Bubo bubo for example is the latin name for the biggest owl in Europe, The Eagle Owl.

Pöllöt Means The Owls in English


Olavi the Owl and Jallu

A Little Cute Owl

A Little Cute Owl

This year Pöllöt is planning on taking over the world for real. You’ll soon find our sunglasses all the way in Australia and other countries around Europe, especially the Nordic countries. We are also going to launch a new line of glasses for the opticians for which you can get lenses with your own strength, and you’ll be able to use the same frame for normal glasses and sunglasses!