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Scotopelia Walnut


  • Color: Rich Brown
  • Material: Walnut
  • Lenses: Polarized Black CR39 Lenses
  • Comes With Nest of Pöllöt

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Pöllöt Scotopelia resembles our other popular model, Tytonidae. Why change something that isn’t broken? These both models share roundness and swanky look but in Scotopelia the materials used are a bit different and the overall look is darker. If you are afraid to go totally 70s with fully round glasses we suggest you to try out Scotopelia: it’s roundish but doesn’t give you too much hippie vibes.

We chose walnut as a material for this sunglasses model because of its rich, deep brown color and its excellent durability – walnut is commonly used for furniture and flooring. The visible growth rings on walnut give the frames interesting and luxurious look which you will love for years to come.

This model also comes in rosewood and ebony. Scotopelia sunnies look good on both women and men and these glasses – like all the Pöllöt sunglasses – have flexible hinges so the fit is optimized for every face shape and size.

Scotopelia sunglasses are equipped with high quality polarized CR39 lenses to make sure your eyes will be safe from the damaging UV rays. Scotopelia glasses come with the Nest of Pöllöt: a bamboo case to protect your precious Pöllöt sunnies.


Scotopelia owl family – commonly known as ”the Fishing Owls” – consist of three different species, just like we have three different Scotopelia models. This one was inspired by Scotopelia ussheri that has rich brown, almost caramel colored plumage. This specific owl species – like other Scotopelia family members – enjoys the tropical African forests. Couple of years ago this poor species was classified as endangered but now it was just recently downlisted to being vulnerable. We hope many more years to come for this species!

Wear these Pöllöt Scotopelia sunglasses while on a boat, cruising around the city or enjoying a picnic with your friends… You name it! Pöllöt sunglasses are suitable for every occasion and we guarantee our glasses will make you look absolutely stunning.

You can have a pair of Scotopelia fly to your nest in:

• 2-5 weekdays inside EU
• 7-14 days outside EU

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days.


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