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Pyrroglaux, Black Bamboo


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Lenses: Polarized Black UV400 Lenses
  • Comes With Nest of Pöllöt
  • Out of Stock

Out of stock

Pyrroglaux Bamboo Sunglasses Stained In Black

The Pyrroglaux sunglasses can be recognized by their round big shape and black color. Pyrroglaux suit both women and men. All sunglasses comes with Nest Of Pöllöt which is case made from bamboo

Which Face Shapes Do Pyrroglaux Sunglasses Fit To?

You can safely choose the Pyrroglaux style if you’ve got a round, oval, square or heart shaped face.

Round face: You’ve got a wide forehead, full cheeks and a soft chin. For this type of face geometrically designed or square sunglasses suit the best.

Oval face: Equally round and symmetric from chin to forehead. Sunglasses that do not have a straight upper line are the most suitable ones for these types of faces

Heart shaped face: Wide forehead and narrowing towards the chin. For this type of face you can choose which ever style of Pöllöt, and you’ll look stunning!

Material Used in Pyrroglaux Sunglasses

The material used in this Pyrroglaux is bamboo.

Bamboo as a material is excellent because of its lightness and ecological aspect. Bamboo grows at a pace of ten centimeters a day, which means that consuming it as a material doesn’t harm nature. Sunglasses made out of wood, regardless of the material, are awesome because they’re incredibly light to wear and are therefor very comfortable. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing them at all.

The hinges in Pöllöt glasses are flexible to the sides so that the frame will fit any sized and shaped head.

Measures for Pyrroglaux (+-2mm)

Front hight 5,5cm

Front width 13,8 cm

Temple length 13,9 cm

The Lenses Used in Pyrroglaux Sunglasses

The lenses in Pyrroglaux sunglasses are polarized black UV400 lenses giving a 100% protection against uv radiation.


You can have a pair of Pyrroglaux fly to your nest in 2-5 weekdays insinde EU, outside EU 7-14 days. You have 30 days return right.


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