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Pulsatrix II Walnut


  • Color: Rich Brown
  • Material: Walnut
  • Lenses: Polarized Black CR39 Lenses
  • Comes With Nest of Pöllöt

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Pöllöt Pulsatrix II is highly stylish, round shaped model that will take your look to the next level. We chose walnut as a material for this sunglasses model because of its rich, deep brown color and its excellent durability – walnut is commonly used for furniture and flooring. The visible growth rings on walnut give the frames interesting and luxurious look. If you are in search of a colorful statement piece, Pulsatrix II is also available in green colored bamboo.

This Pöllöt model will look good on both women and men and Pulsatrix II just adores square and heart shaped face. Walnut as a material keeps these sunnies lightweight so you won’t get any unwanted red marks on your nose. Also you will find flexible hinges on every Pöllöt sunglasses to optimize the fit for every face shape and size.

With Pulsatrix II sunglasses you can enjoy the sun with style while getting a full protection against the damaging UV rays with the high quality, polarized CR39 lenses that every pair of Pöllöt sunglasses is equipped with. Pulsatrix II glasses come with the Nest of Pöllöt: a bamboo case to protect your precious Pöllöt sunnies.


Pulsatrix owls are usually called ”the Spectacled owls” because of their distinct facial pattern that resembles eyeglasses. This spectacle-like pattern gave us also the inspiration for this Pulsatrix II model which is a follower of a hugely popular Pulsatrix model we had last year in our collection.

There are three different owl species in the Pulsatrix family that all live in the Central or South America. Pulsatrix owls enjoy the warmth of tropical forests and that’s why we chose warm, tropical colors for this specific model.

Pöllöt Pulsatrix II is the perfect choice for a bike tour through the city, picnic with your friends or spending the day at the beach… you decide! Take your Pulsatrix II sunnies out in the sun with you and you can be sure you won’t be left without attention.

You can have a pair of Pulsatrix II fly to your nest in:

• 2-5 weekdays inside EU

• 7-14 days outside EU

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days.


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