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Made out of Apricot Tree

This model of sunglasses is made of high quality apricot. It is beautiful looking material. This apricot is black because we have colored it with black wood stain. Apricot is often used when manufacturing musical instruments, carvings and knife handles. Normally the heartwood is light brown, sometimes with a reddish or orange cast. Also darker brown streaks are common. Sapwood is generally thin, and is slightly paler than heartwood. That’s why apricot will create an unique pattern to every pair of Pöllöt sunglasses.


High Quality Lenses

These Pöllöt sunglasses are equipped with black, polarized CR39 lenses to make sure your eyes are safe from the Sun’s damaging UV rays.

For a Narrow or a Normal Face


A little bit information about the sizes. We take into consideration that there are 3 different face sizes: narrow, normal and wide. If you have a narrow or a normal face, this model is made for you!

For the wider faced people we recommend our other models that are bigger and wider.

Also note that all the hinges of the Pöllöt sunglasses are flexible so they are optimized to fit different face shapes and sizes.

Our World Wide Shipping Partner Is Post Nord

All our orders include a FREE SHIPPING & TRACKING NUMBER so you know excatly where your order is at any given time.
All the shipping times are in working days. Shipping times are:

  • Nordic Countries 2-4
  • EU 2-7
  • Africa 4-10
  • North America 4-8
  • South America 5-12
  • Asia 5-12
  • Oseania 5-10

All our orders go through customs if they are traveling to outside of the EU. Depending on your country’s customs and taxonomy you might have to pay some taxes. If you are not satisfied with your product, you have 30 days to return your product, read more from here.

You get a little extra with every order

All orders come with:

  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Nest of Pöllöt

You can clean the lenses of your sunglasses and the screens of your phones and laptops with the cleaning cloth. The Nest of Pöllöt will protect your sunglasses from enemies.


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