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Jubula Brown Bamboo


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Lenses: Polarized Orange CR39 Lenses
  • Comes With Nest of Pöllöt and Cleaning Cloth
  • Manly Model

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Jubula II, Brown Bamboo Sunglasses with Orange Mirror Lenses

When wearing these Pöllöt Jubula sunglasses with fiery, bright reddish orange lenses it’s ensured you never go unnoticed. Jubula is a manly model because of its square and masculine looks. Guys, if you want to impress ladies, Jubula shades are your choice.

These Jubula sunglasses are made of bamboo, which is commonly known as one of the most eco-friendly materials there is and is widely used as a building material, food or even for clothing. Even though Jubulas are one of the biggest shades in Pöllöt collection, the lightweight feel of bamboo will ensure you have no unwanted marks on your nose.

This specific Pöllöt sunglasses product has natural, rich brown look with darker contrasting streaks that create an unique pattern to every pair of Jubula shades. Jubulas also come in black bamboo with black lenses, black bamboo with blue lenses and brown bamboo with black lenses. Jubulas, like all the Pöllöt sunglasses are equipped with high quality, polarized CR39 lenses to make sure your eyes will be safe from the damaging UV rays.

Jubula shades come with cleaning cloths and the Nest of Pöllöt: a bamboo case to protect your precious Pöllöt sunglasses.


Jubula owls, also known as “The Maned Owls” could be found all around Africa. Pretty nice atmosphere to live in, don’t you agree? These secretive and fairly shy owls can be found in humid and shaded rainforests where their natural habitat is. It sounds awkwardly much like us Finns: if it gets too hot we tend to hide in the shadows and some people also often call us shy (or socially awkward, whatever floats your boat). That’s why Jubula is the perfect frame for all the Finns and like-minded people.

So nowadays you can for sure spot some Jubulas also here in the northern hemisphere. Pöllöt Jubula sunglasses are the perfect choice for a bike tour through the city or when having picnic with your friends… you decide! Wear your Jubulas and you can be sure you won’t be left without attention.

Jubula is also available as an eyeglasses frame made from bamboo in two different color, Jubula Black RX and Jubula Brown RX. You can visit your own optician shop and change our own lenses in to bamboo frames.


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