Pöllöt Medical Center

What Is The Pöllöt Medical Center

Harry, Head Of Medical Center

There are thousands of Pöllöt sunglasses and hundreds of eyewear flying all over the world, every day. Sometimes our tribe members are a little bit sloppy with their Pöllöt and they get broken. We’ve had lots of emails sent to us from people who have sat on their sunglasses or their little owls have soared straight through the sky, into the ground and got broken.

So we came up with an idea; why don’t we arrange a place for our customers where they can bring their broken Pöllöt sungasses and we will repair them for almost no cost at all? We talked with optician Harry, and now we have Pöllöt Medical Center where you can bring or send your broken sunglasses! Cost of repairing your glasses is almost every time FREE because we love to give you excellent customer service. But many of the happy customers have given a pleasant tip to our beloved Harry.

You just can’t find a better man to handle & repair our wooden eyewear than Harry!

The Pöllöt Medical Center is located in the heart of Helsinki, in Vallila. The Medical Center is an Optician’s Shop, Vallilan Optikko. The owner of the shop is Harry Sundström. Harry has been working there for over 30 years and he has heard a lot of explanations on why a pair of glasses has broken. But for the first time in his career, he has a product that is easier to repair than metal or plastic sunglasses and eyewear. There are only a few pairs of Pöllöt sunglasses that we have not been able to repair in these few years.

Vallilan Optikko is located in Sturenkatu 37-41, 00550 Helsinki. It’s open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. The phone number is 09 7536628. You can also find the Pöllöt Showroom at Vallilan Optikko. In our Showroom we have over 30 models of sunglasses and over 20 models on wooden eyewear.

Picture of the shop, Vallilan Optikko

Find Your Way to Pöllöt Medical Center

Pöllöt Showroom & Medical Center
Vallilan Optikko
Sturenkatu 37-41
00550 Helsinki, Finland
Open Working Days 10am-6pm
09 753 662