Hey people! It feels good to be back after the holidays! Let’s make this year a great one! 🙂

You might have noticed that Pöllöt recently added a pair of seriously stylish eyeglasses to our collection. Jubula RX is the first pair of eyeglasses available with our Pöllöt brand and because you wished for it, we made it happen. We wanted to keep this first pair classy and elegant and that’s why we chose the vintage Jubulas as the frame. We know you loved this look so we brought it back, and needless to say – it turned out awesome.

Jubula RX

These glasses will give your look some serious Clark Kent vibes and when wearing these glasses it’s ensured you never go unnoticed. Of course these will also help you to see clearly – not a bad thing either. You can easily switch the lenses and make sunglasses out of your eyeglasses!

Jubula RX optical eyewear

5 reasons to choose Jubula RX optical eyewear:
1. Killer looks – you for sure won’t be left without attention when wearing these!
2. Guaranteed Pöllöt quality – you will get a lifetime companion out of these beauties
3. Buy 1, get 2 – with the price of one pair of frames you’ll get both eyeglasses and sunglasses!
4. Bamboo – guarantees the lightweight feel with no unwanted red marks on your nose
5. These glasses float! How awesome is that?!

Jubula RX

This is a limited edition so grab yours now!! Read more from our product page: Jubula RX Eyewear

Check out also the inspirational storyboard we created for this stunning piece of bamboo: LOOKBOOK

And folks, this first eyeglasses model was just a sneak peek, we’re definitely not done yet! Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming spring! 😉

Jubula RX optical eyewear 2

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