We Have Money Back Guarantee

1. What is the Money Back Guarantee?

At our company Pöllöt we have 30 days money back guarantee. We’re confident in the quality of the wooden sunglasses we sell. If a pair of sunglasses that you’ve bought on polloteyewear.com doesn’t satisfied you we will give you back your money. 30 days starts when you have got the shipment.

2. Which countries are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?

All countries are eligible. Wherever you live, you are entitled to get a full refund of our sunglasses. Our Customers are all what we have so your happiness is our happiness!

3. How does it work?

If, within 30 days after the purchase of your sunglasses or eyewear from your shop, you experience some problems or your sunglasses have got broken, contact our customer service: info(at)polloteyewear.com. We will do our best to help you fix the problem and if, at the end of their attempts to solve the problem we’ll give you back your money.

4. When will I get my money back?

After when we have got the shipment back and inspected that sunglasses are in good condition we will pay the price back to your bank account in one week. For that we will need your bank account detail in your email so please send to: info(at)pollotyewear.com

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