Today is a great day for Finnish fashion design! Young, promising Finnish talent Alli Laukkanen will release her first collection under her own brand KAIU Clothing. Alli contacted us with the idea of a small collaboration and because Pöllöt is all about supporting the small Finnish brands with a vision, we decided to team up with KAIU Clothing! From this post you will find pieces from KAIU’s collection styled with our Pöllöt sunglasses. A great match, we say! Pictures of the rest of the collection on KAIU’s website.

The collection will be available on KAIU Clothing’s website from the 1st of December on. The collection only includes one piece of each design so shop yours now!

Kaiu jacket

We had a chance to meet up with the designer and interview her about the collection. Let’s see what she had to say!

Hi Alli! Please tell us something about yourself – your background and how did you end up founding KAIU Clothing?
Hello! My name is Alli Laukkanen and I’m a 21-year-old girl from Jyväskylä city. I’ve always been very classy when it comes to my style and clothes have always been my passion. That being said, I never saw myself working in a fashion industry before because it didn’t feel realistic to succeed in Finland by designing clothes. Still, the thought of working in the field of fashion was stuck in my head and after couple of years I realized that there is actually nothing that could stop me from making my dreams come true! So after many bumps on the road KAIU clothing was born. I have dedicated my collection to Finnish design and handicraft, and every single piece on my collection has been handmade!

Kaiu skirt

From where did you get the inspiration for the collection?
Aesthetics and everything visual have always intrigued me. KAIU is all about combining simplicity and details – design needs to be timeless but also interesting. I wanted to have a ”catch” in all the designs so I experimented a lot with different materials and cuts. As a result I was able to create a collection that is at the same time interesting, fresh and classy.

Describe the KAIU brand in three words.
Elegance, Finland, quality.

What is your favorite piece from the whole collection?
The Little Black Dress! It took many working hours to finish this look, but the end result was worth the hard work! I’m super happy with the cool and playful look of the dress! (see below the picture of the back of the LBD)

Kaiu LBD

How would you style Pöllöt sunglasses?
With KAIU Clothing of course! I would pair the Athene made of zebrawood with a black blouse and a simple pencil skirt. The look would be minimalistic and fairly simple but it would allow all the beautiful details to pop out!

Kaiu x Pollot

Thank you Alli! Pöllöt wishes KAIU Clothing the best of luck! 🙂

Social media
Instagram: @kaiuclothing

Pöllöt products seen in the pictures

Pictures by Alli Laukkanen
Model: Christa Könönen

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