Howdy ho guys!

It’s been a while. We have been hibernatig past few months but now it’s time to light things up. It’s springtime again and summer is just behind the corner, so it’s a perfect time to tell about the future! We have a few surprises for the Summer Of ´16.

At the moment there is only few models in stock at our webstore. Blame it on Henkka, our salesman, who have sold almost everything to our retailers. We have been told, that summer will be very sunny in Lapland. But no worries, we are adding new models to our collection at the end of this week. It takes a while, but next week all of them will be available from our webstore.

We are also launching every month a model which is really a limited edition (there will be only a few of them). You can be the first one to hear about those via our newsletter. Remember to subscribe it from

Our guys at the office have been thinking to do a little Festival Tour with our friends from Baja Clothing. It includes about 8 festivals all over the Finland. We keep you updated!

We have moved, so our beloved Garage and nest is now history. Our new HQ and Shop-In-Shop for this year will be Vallilan Optikko (Sturenkatu 27-41). Now it’s easy to try our glasses. Come and say Hi or Hello or whaever! Harry, our Godfather and the owner will take good care of you, if we’re not around.

Pöllötare planning to add new products to our collection but we’ll see how it works out. If you have any ideas (good or bad) let us know! Would you buy Pöllöt Waist Bag? I would!

Last summer we had a great week at Nikolai II (THE boat) which included Pop-Up Shop and our BDAY-party. This year we are planning to have total mayhem party!

Thats about it. Stay tuned and you will be the first one to that what the heck is going on. Spring is here – Enjoy it!

-Olavi the Owl

Pöllöt Wooden Eyewear shipping

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