Good morning! Today it’s time to introduce ebony, one of the most luxurious material we use in Pöllöt eyewear collection. This material story is a bit different, let us know what you thought about it!

Let’s face it, one of the things not yet discussed in connection to the stylish Pöllöt eyewear is that they give you street cred and can make you as awesome as Neo in Matrix. Ebony is not always dark black, as you might assume from its name, but different species have different colours. Pöllöt eyewear that use ebony as their material, Athene and Scotopelia Ebony, are both brownish and black. Let’s take a look at how you can become the cool star of Matrix just by wearing by shades made of ebony.

The world described in the Matrix is cruel and you definitely need to have confidence and skills to survive the everyday life fighting with the Agents. Once you have used your weapons and are left with nothing but your badass shades, there’s only one thing to do. You have to use your eyewear as a weapon. Now, if this was a James Bond –movie those shades would probably explode, but this time their power lies in their strength. Pöllöt eyewear made of ebony is hard. Ebony is one of the hardest woods in the world. In the light of this fact, the possibility of knocking out your enemy just by throwing them on the Agents is actually pretty strong.

Neo Matrix Gif

Your shades can save you as you’re in the middle of the fight and your enemy whips out their weapon of choice, be it a gun or an axe, your shades will tackle it in no time. You see, ebony is very difficult to work and the wood is known to dull tools quickly. So no matter what they throw at you, your ebony shades will quite likely dull their weapon pretty useless.

Imagine standing on a rooftop facing Agent Smith. You know you’re going to have to use your flexible body in a way you haven’t actually prepared for. If only I’d taken those online yoga lessons when I had the time, you think and grimace at the back pain you’re bound to get. But then you see sun peeking out from the clouds and instantly you know how to get out of this without spraining half your muscles. Ebony is naturally an oily material, but sanded has a high shine, and luckily, your Pöllöt eyewear has been sanded. Blinding your enemy has never been easier as you make a speedy exit.

To conclude, Ebony is not only a perfect material for eyewear, it is also an essential aid for the cruel life in the streets, or in cyber reality. Maximize the strength of your inner superhero with the Pöllöt ebony eyewear!

And we might have something super exciting coming up for you all who loved the Aegolius model as much as we did! It has been sold out for ages but stay tuned for more information! 😉

Pöllöt Aegolius

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