We wanted you to get to know to the materials we are using in Pöllöt sunglasses so it will make your choice even more easier! Here we go, first up bamboo, the lightest and most used material in our products. This is the story of bamboo…

Bamboo, the plant reserved for food for pandas and bamboo lemurs everywhere, is also used in Pöllöt sunglasses. What makes bamboo so excellent for Pöllöt is that bamboo has some definite advantages for demanding life situations. In addition to the obvious advantages, such as lightness and easy availability, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is actually a lot sturdier than what you’d first might imagine.

Even though Pöllöt sunglasses are designed for everyday use, the need for sunglasses, at least from Finland’s – also known as Pöllöt home – standpoint comes when you travel abroad to a sunny location. The first step in getting somewhere warm is to step onto the plane and endure a flight. Even if you’re not the most travel-savvy and have a fear of flying, don’t worry! Lucky for you, you have remembered to pack your Pöllöt sunglasses made of bamboo. As the flight takes off and you need something to hold on to, just keep in mind that bamboo has higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete. Think about it, you have something way sturdier than a block of concrete to ground you and set your mind at ease. If you’re not the one for pressing, but stretching, things when in panic, bamboo also has tensile strength same as steel.

Bamboo grows in versatile environments from freezing mountain areas to hot tropical regions and can survive cold temperatures of even -29 degrees, which means that whether you actually choose a sunny location, or a ski trip to mountains, you’re never too far away from bamboo. No holiday destination comes without dangerous wild life, so no matter if it is snow leopards or the normal kind, they won’t attack you. You’re wearing bamboo, you’re part of the environment. Cool and casual has never been so easy.

After the scares of the flight followed by near-fatal contact with leopards, comes the best part of the trip, a romantic evening with your travel companion (if you’re travelling with relatives, the next part doesn’t concern you. Or what do we know, it might).

So, after a nice dinner and some dancing it’s time to head back to the hotel room for some smooching. But not everything goes to plan. Bamboo, even though poisonous to humans, is luckily also used as medication. In some parts of India, bamboo is ground into paste and used as folk remedy for treatment of impotence and infertility. Hopefully, in your case, ingestion of weird paste is not needed, and the general hotness of yourself in some stunning Pöllöt sunglasses is enough to do the trick.

Pöllöt sunglasses made of bamboo:

Bubo II Black

Bubo II Brown

Glaucidium Brown Out of stock

Glaucidium Red

Jubula II Brown Out of Stock

Nyctea Blue Mirror

Nyctea Red Mirror

Pulsatrix II Green

Pyrroglaux Black Out of stock

Surnia Brown Out of stock

And some good news for you: we will soon have some of our bestsellers back in stock!

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