Pöllöt sunglasses will improve your looks

Pöllöt is made of light and environmental friendly materials

1.Pöllöt sunglasses will always improve your looks. Whether you want to look cooler, sexier, prettier, more handsome (or just sober), your Pöllöt sunnies are always going to do it for you.

2.You can look up at the bright sky without having to worry about hurting your eyes.The lenses in Pöllöt sunglasses are polarized and 100% UV resistant so you don’t have to worry about hurting your eyes, drying out or getting itchy eyes because of the sun. Pöllöt sunglasses are there to protect your valuable sight.

3.You can wear Pöllöt sunnies with a light heart. Pöllöt focuses on keeping our business sustainable and since our sunglasses are made out of wood you can always wear them with a good conscience. For example bamboo grows up to 10cm a day, which means the material used in your sunglasses pretty much just renewed itself during just one day. Isn’t that awesome!

4.You will forget you’re even wearing them. The materials used in Pöllöt sunglasses make the sunnies so light you won’t even feel you’re wearing them. They won’t press on your nose and leave those funny-looking red marks on your nose that everyone hates.

5.Because they float! In case you ’accidentally’ drop the Pöllöt sunglasses in the pool or ocean they won’t sink, go bad or break. They’ll stay on the surface so you can easily just scoop them up. This is an excellent feature if you’re a surfer, kite-boarder or just like hanging out by the pool or beach. Remember that the glare from water is even harder on your eyes than plain sunlight, so always, always wear your Pöllöt sunnies when chilling by the waters edge.

Pöllöt sunglasses float!


6.You can focus on enjoying the summer instead of spending time worrying about the dark circles under your eyes. Summer is hard on young people like us. Who wants to worry about covering your skin up with makeup or showing the world that you haven’t slept enough because the party last night stretched out. Well you don’t have to. Just wear your sunglasses and everything will be fine and you’ll still look like a rockstar.

7.You can look at whoever you want, whenever you want, without being noticed. When the sun is out, so are the people. And for some reason people just look better in the summer. So of course you want to check out that hunk on the beach with a gorgeous six-pack… Or that girl who’s walking by the bar with tanned legs and short shorts. Do it! No one will know because you’re hiding behind your awesome Pöllöt sunglasses.

8.You will get attention! When you’re wearing Pöllöt sunnies, people will look at you and immediately notice your cool sunnies. Then they’ll probably start talking to you about them and maybe this person is even that hunk from the beach or the girl with tanned legs. Who knows where that’ll take you… maybe a summer-fling… just saying.

9.Wood goes with everything! Since Pöllöt sunglasses are made of wood they go with every color and style. It doesn’t matter if you like wearing black or if you’re a colorful hippie. You can wear whatever you want and we guarantee you’ll look stunning when adding Pöllöt sunglasses to your look.

10.You will be unique! Every single pair of our sunglasses is handcrafted which means that they all are unique and no pair is identical to another. That means you will be unique too. The wood varies in color and stripes and gives every pair a specific look that is yours, and yours only.

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